Average Height: 6’ 9" – 8’ 2"
Average Weight: 280lbs-420lbs
Ability Scores: +2 Con, +2 Str or +2 Wis
Speed: 6 squares
Size: Small
Vision: Normal
Available classes:
Fighter, Barbarian, Druid, Shaman, Warden, Assassin

Thought-Weft: Kithkin get +1 AC and +1 to attacks for each kithkin within 10 spaces up to
a total of +3.

Kithkin have the following daily powers:
Scry: With the apporpriate tools(bones, runes, etc), a Kithkin can divine a simple
thing such as the weather for the next day or how a harvest will be, etc
(Check with the DM first)

Dust Moth Messenger: A Kithkin may send a message through a dust moth messenger to
another Kithkin. This dust moth may contain a sizable message(around one page of
information) and contains a seal on the moth based on the sending Kithkin’s
home and position. This moth goes to the designated Kithkin once released and
flys at a speed of ___. There is go garuntee that the moth will make it to the
receiving Kithkin, though it will try it’s best to get there avoiding any

The kithkin of Lorwyn are peaceful farmers, but are fierce warriors when provoked.
Their society is based on a type of collective consciousness called the
thoughtweft. The thoughtweft connects the kithkin by a kind of empathic web,
allowing them to share their emotions and thoughts, making them very effective
in battle cooperation. They are quite superstitious, and their magic is often
powder-based. Everything that is of cultural importance, like stories and customs,
are found in the Book of Kith and Kin. Kithkin knights and soldiers ride into
battle on springjacks, which they also raise for their wool and meat.
Lorwyn kithkin society is centered around interrelated villages and towns called
clachans. The head of a clachan is called a cenn, or mayor. Some of the largest
clachans include Kinsbaile, Burrenton, Goldmeadow, and Cloverdell. Gaddock Teeg
is the cenn of Kinsbaile, whereas Deagan is the cenn of Burrenton, a clachan of smiths.
Physically, Lorwyn kithkin have stout bodies and thick limbs. Their faces are round
and almost pumpkin-like, with highly expressive features.

Example Female Names: Brigid Baeli, Keeley Welk, Molla Welk

Example Male Names: Gaddock Tegg, Deagan, Jack Chierdagh


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